I want to change the world character

Let's say that I am a person who would like to do something to help all of those people who are poor, who are starving, who are being abused etc. I talk a lot about the situation in the world - how bad it is and how much other people suffer - and I openly state that I would like to do something to change the world. I also give some money to charities as a proof that I am doing something to change the world. Apart from this I believe that this willingness to change the world is part of another personality inside of my mind - the good and positive person.

So this is the short description of a person and I would say that this is enough for you to know what I am talking about. You have probably met few people like this in your life or maybe you are even one of them because in reality there are a lot of people in this world who would like to change the world. But it is interesting point in here that despite this willingness to change the world by so many, the situation on our planet is actually getting worse. Thus the world is changing but it is going in the opposite direction that we want.

Thus... what are we having here ?

Giving money to charities is only something that makes me believe within my mind that I am doing something good out there to help the people who suffer but this act of donation doesn't address whatsoever the core cause of the problem. And the cause of the problem is inside of me. How ?

Well... every single human being is part of this whole matrix and thus every single being participates in the creation of it. Everything in this world is interconnected and thus as long I don't change myself as me, nothing will really change out there. Maybe my donation will help to take away the pain temporarily but through my actions and participation of my daily life I will continue to create even more suffering anyway.

How...? You are participating in the capitalism and you support it and we already know that capitalism is one of the greatest causes of genocide in this world. Because of my desire to make as much profit as possible I have to rip off and take advantage of others.

Are you getting it ?

This is just a simple example of how I am responsible for the creation of the poverty in the world. I have good intentions to change the world but I make myself to be blind to not see that I am the creator of this mess. And to make the real change I would have to make the real change within myself because this would make the change in the whole world through the interconnectiveness of everything in this world. And giving money to charity - quite often - lies within the safety zone which doesn't affect my ego because it doesn't make the real change within myself. As a matter of fact giving money to charity supports ego - I feel better about myself and I believe that I am good person, I believe that I have done all that I could do and I don't change myself as myself as the creator of the abuse and poverty. And then I continue my struggle for money within the capitalistic world of competition and profit for the sake of profit to satisfy my personal desires ( including desire to give to charity so that I feel better about myself ) at the cost of others creating more abuse. It is a blind cycle.

Thus I want to change character is this:... I have intentions to change the world for better but all that I do is only doing something which lies within the safe zone of the ego and this is never going to change anything for better because in the end I continue supporting ego instead of challenging it and transforming it into that which is best for all.



Published: 2013 - May - 04      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater