How god gets away with crime

You know... god is very smart. But don't get too excited and flattered because I am giving complement to god. This is not my intention whatsoever.

I remember from my classes about religion ( I was about 6 or 7 yrs old ) that I was taught that god has created everything. And once we had a little assignment and we were supposed to draw all the things that god has created. And so I have drawn the mountains, sun, flower and some other stuff which I could put on a paper as a child. And this thing has stuck in my mind - god has created everything.

But when I was growing up I have started to see thing which were not on the picture of the assignment which I drew as a child - crime, murder, rape, abuse, poverty, starvation, war etc. People praise god and are thankful when something good happens in their life but what about all the bad stuff ?! If god has created everything then why doesn't he take responsibility for all the bad things ? He should have ? No ?

Well... he doesn't have to be responsible for it because there is a figure of the devil - the bad guy. And thanks to the devil the almighty god who can do whatever he wants in an instant ( also creating a universe in 7 days ) is completely covered up and doesn't have to do anything to eliminate the poverty, war, starvation etc. WTF... he is almighty and powerful and he could create food, water, gold etc. out of thin air and help all the people who suffer. But he does nothing about it. He should go to jail for life for allowing something like this.

But he won't because he is untouchable for the human law. And this is also probably because he doesn't exist ? !!!! But I will leave to you to decide. And myself... ? What I have decided is to do ? I have decided to stop waiting for god to make this world better place and instead do something about it myself... EQUAL LIFE FOUNDATION.



Published: 2013 - May - 01      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater