Fighting with my brother

I remember that when I was a child I was a lot with my brothers. I guess I am not the only one who was doing it because I have also heard about it from many friends. Anyway let's focus on my case. So I had a lot of fights with my brothers and some of them were quite mean and nasty and I sometimes I have ended up with black eye. My father was trying to do something about it but nothing was effective. Sooner or later we were fighting again.

I could not understand for a long time the reason behind it and I was carrying with me regret towards my brother for beating me up and leaving me with black eye. I am not angry with my brother for it anymore and I have with him normal contact but at the same time I know that deep inside I was having this regret towards him. Only now I start to open this point and I start to see the cause of it all. I also start to understand why the punishments from my father were not effective and this is because he has not addressed the real cause behind it and instead he was trying to stop it with force and violence. And I have already learned and I guess that if you read my articles then you will also be able to se clearly that as long as you don't address the real cause and you only work with the symptoms then you will never be successful with solving the problem.

Thus the point that I am starting to see slowly in regards to my brother and fighting with him is that I was in competition with him and I have tried to prove within the fights - which I have provoked and initiated quite often myself - that I am stronger and better then him. And here comes also another point of me accepting belief that I am not good enough which I have discovered within my mind about 2 weeks ago.

Anyway I am starting to work on this points but I will not share it in this articles because I am already working with it within my DIP course. But I just wanted to mention about my realization in regards to my childhood and my fights with my brothers also for the reason that this problem is quite common in the world and everybody should also investigate it within themselves.



Published: 2013 - April - 13      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater