Everybody wants to go to heaven but...

How come that we are trying to be good person throughout our life time because we hope that through this we will be able to gain the mercy of god and we will go to heaven after the death but yet when it comes to the moment of death and going there almost nobody wants to leave earth and they want to stay here longer ?

And why are we so said and we are crying when somebody dies ? Is it not that this person is already in heaven ( the place of eternal bliss ) and is absolutely happy ? Something is not right here. On one hand we have a place with eternal happiness and on the other side we have a place with eternal ( as long as the person who lives on earth ) sadness.

Doesn't it look like another polarity construct ?

Is it not that we should be happy for our loved ones who are happy in heaven instead of being sad and depressed and crying for months, years or even whole life ?

Is it not that we should actually be looking forward to go to heaven sooner rather then striving to stay here on earth as long as we can and quite often we are prepared to pay the doctors our whole fortune which we have accumulated over the whole life so that we can stay here a little bit longer ?

Why do we want to stay here in this place of struggle for survival in which we suffer a lot and we are being abused by others if we could be right now in heaven; in a place of eternal heaven ?

And why do we want to keep our loved ones with us in this place of eternal suffering and struggle for survival ?



Published: 2013 - April - 11      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater