I want to be powerful so that I can be safe from those who could hurt me

This situation happened to me this morning:
- I am leaving my home and I am going towards my car.
- I see the police car passing by.
- I start to think about the situations when the police is using their power to hurt and abuse innocent people.
- I get into my car and I continue thinking about police.
- I wish that I could be so powerful like supermen so that I can be untouchable by the police and they could not hurt me at all.br /> - I suddenly realize one thing and I say to myself: "Hey Greg... WTF... this is important to investigate and look at it more thoroughly...".

Do you know what is very important within this experience ?

This kind of mind dialogs happen in people's minds quite often but we don't pay attention to it and let it be there completely unnoticed. But this time I have become aware of it. I have become aware of my thoughts and desires which normally are hidden under the surface within my subconscious and unconscious mind. It seems as if this is nothing special but in reality this is extremely important realization and discovery.

Do you know why ?

Because if I am not aware of it and I will let it hide in the subconscious mind "unattended", it will direct and influence my life because I will try to make this desire to manifest in physical world not being fully aware why I want to do it. I will believe that I am free in the decision making process but in reality I will be "following the carrot on the stick" in front of me and I will be directed by some thoughts and desires hidden within my subconscious and unconscious mind. Well... I will kind of know why I want to manifest the superman in my reality ( because I want to protect myself from those who could hurt me - police, government etc. ) but this explanation is superficial and covers up the real cause which is hidden underneath. Thus I will believe that I am free but in reality I would not be it.

I am still not sure what is hidden behind it but I will investigate it in the next few days and I will share it with you in my articles. But one thing is for sure so far. My desire to be a superman with special powers is an illusion, a fantasy, something unreal. It is not part of this physical reality. It is part of the mind reality. I have forgotten to breathe and to be aware of my breath and I have entered into the mind. Thus now I will investigate the "why" and the "what".

It is really cool shit. I can see that I am becoming aware of thoughts which circulate under the surface within my subconscious mind. And this is the result of the work done within the "DIP Course" ( Desteni I Process Course ).

To be continued...



Published: 2013 - April - 10      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater