How powerful god has saved his sinful daughter

I have a friend who has been raised in a catholic family and thus the belief in god has been engraved in her quite strongly. But later in time as she was growing she was introduced into spirituality. She hasn't given up her belief in catholic god completely but yet the whole concept and idea about it has been altered and changed according to spirituality.

Now... in the last couple of years she has had some strong experiences with the world of ghosts and demons and she couldn't cope with this anymore. And none of the techniques from the field of spirituality ( including divine and universal love ) have been effective. In some way she has decided to turn back into religion and ask the catholic god for help. Thus she started to pray, she went to the church and she has confessed all of her sins to the priests and once she has been forgiven, she has taken the Holy Communion. And from that moment the things and scary experiences with the ghosts have started to go away.

Thus it seems as if now everything was ok and it looks like the powerful god has intervened and saved his daughter from the misery. But is it really true that the holy god has intervened in this situation ? If he can do that then why doesn't he do anything with the poverty, starvation, abuse, war etc. in the whole world ? It is clear that all of these miseries happen not only to non religious people. It happens to anybody. Thus were is the trick to make god to intervene into somebody's situation ?

Well... there is no clear answer to it and I guarantee you that my friend will find herself in situations when her prayers will not be effective anymore and she will be left on her own. It is only a matter of time and I know it for sure. But let's leave it for now and let her experience it so that she may start to ask herself the questions again about the religion and god (at the moment she is not open to consider any other options ). And maybe then she will realize that the whole experiences with the ghosts happened because she has given her power away to it and later these experiences have stopped because she has given her power to another external element ( in this case it is god ) which - according to her creation within her mind - is powerful enough to deal with the ghosts. All the time she is believing that she is helpless and powerless and she doesn't see how she has given her power away to external elements. She is moving her power from one element unto another and comes back again but she doesn't take responsibility for it and directs it as herself.



Published: 2013 - April - 09      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater