About prevention

Before I post latest article I have to post the previous ones first and I still have little time due to a lot of work.

I know that because of taking care of your own business and in your busy-ness ( business = busy-ness ) you will tell me that you don't have time and/or resources which should be dedicated towards prevention.

But I am telling you that the time, effort and resources which will have to be dedicated towards dealing with the consequences of the problems which have not been prevented, will be many times greater then the resources which could be used to prevent it. And quite often you will not be able to repair all the damage caused by the problems no matter how much resources you will dedicate towards dealing with the consequences of the problems.

For example the cancer will eat your body and damage it severely and it will cost you a lot of effort to bring your body to the healthy state as it was before ( if you ever will be able to get it there ). If you loose your child in accident which could have been easily prevented you will not be able to repair the damage at all.

And the same principle applies to earth and the nature. We are destroying the forests and the whole ecosystem. We are not doing enough to prevent the extinction of many species of plants, insects and animals. And at some point earth will get very sick and it will cost us a lot of effort to bring it back to health and balance. We could prevent it but we have "no time and no resources to do it".



Published: 2013 - March - 31      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater