Where are you from ?

This is the typical question when you go to visit another country and you start to speak with the local people. And this is what happened to me today. I went to the local bar to watch the football game and one person started a conversation with me. And because he picked up that I have different accent he asked me where I come from. My answer was automatic and I said that I am from Poland. But after few minutes I have realized that this is not correct because I am no more form Poland. I am from Spain now because I live here now.

What does it mean ?

It means that I am living in this place now and I am part of it. That also means that I taking responsibility and I do what is possibly best for the local community as well as the whole world.

Now... going to another country and taking advantages of it without giving shit about the best interest of all but only about the best interest of mine is pure egoism and separation. Of course many people are "forced" to go to another country to earn money for living because it is almost impossible to survive in their own country ( it is the result of the current system ) but going to another country and not taking responsibility for the best of all and instead only thinking about how I can benefit from it the most is egoism and separation.

And thus I live now here in Spain and I am from here now. When somebody will ask me in the future about where I am from I will answer that I was born in Poland but I am from here. Simply I take responsibility for everything and I do what is best for all people and beings who live here in the local town as well as the whole country and at the same time I do what is best for the whole world.

We are all residents of the earth but if we want to live like residents of the earth without the borders we must stop creating the borders in our mind. Wherever you are don't be proud that you are from another country. Or the opposite... don't be ashamed because you are from different place on Earth. Wherever you are take full responsibility for your community according to the principle of what is best for the local community and the whole world. When everybody starts to act in this way then soon we will have no more borders, passports, visas and other documents and we will be allowed to travel and live wherever we want on the whole planet and we will love in oneness and peace.

To be continued...



Published: 2013 - February - 20      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater