Perfect lies

And again. I was working all day. I am tired and I will post it online tomorrow.

I am in the process of searching for a new place to live and yesterday I went to see a person who is looking for somebody to share his apartment. The room and the whole apartment was interesting and the person seemed to be nice as well. He was friendly and extremely helpful and I thought: "wow... this is perfect for me" because it all looked perfect.

But to make sure I have decided today to see that person in his work and discuss some other details. But he was not at work although he told me before that he will be there. Anyway while I was there I have started to talk with other people about that person. And what I have found out was that it is better to stay away from that person because he is a big liar and he takes drugs.

And then I started to connect the facts and it has reminded me about a very similar situation in the past when another person was telling me all sorts of stories which seemed to be true but in the end it was all lie. And it was a very similar type of personality.

There is a lesson and realization for me: "when everything seems to be perfect, it is important to slow myself down within my mind and check within myself that I am present as breath". The reason for it is that when this "perfection" comes from the mind and I am not present and not aware, I will be drawn into the game of polarities of the mind in which I will be a pond on the chessboard without the option to say "no". And in the beginning everything will seem to be perfect because this is how I will be attracted into the trap but in the end I will end up in the shit. I have seen before this pattern playing out in my life as well as lives of others. And thus I decide to stay away from it and direct my life in different way.



Published: 2013 - March - 30      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater