Multidimensionality of the word 'gay'

I was very tired yesterday thus I am posting my article today.

We could write 2 statements:
"He is gay"
"He is gay"

And they look the same but if you say these 2 statements, they can have 2 or more different meanings and it will depend on how you use them, what voice tonality you use, what accentuation etc. And thus we can say "he is gay" and it will mean that this person has sexual relationship with another person of the same gender or we could use this statement to insult somebody. Can you see that ? Through personal judgment with the use of voice tonality we bring different dimension into this word.

There has been so much said - especially in spirituality and new age movement - about other dimensions which are somewhere out there but in the search for this other magical dimensions, we miss and don't realize that we live multidimensionally every day in the moment of speaking words and not only. Anyway this is a simple example to show you that we are multidimensional beings and it is just that we don't see it because we are constantly occupied with searching for something big out there.

But once we are here talking about the gay people I have some questions: "why is it bad to be gay ?" and "why do we use this word to insult others ?".

And one of the reasons is that gay people break the mind programming of the majority of people in this world who have accepted a belief that sex should be done in certain way and whenever somebody explores it and breaks the limits imposed by the mind programming then this raises the fear in them. And for them sticking a penis into somebody else's ass brings a lot of emotions of disgust, fear etc.

But also it is interesting that there are many men who are very judgmental about 2 men having sex up the ass but still they have sex with women in the same way and for them it is ok.



Published: 2013 - March - 27      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater