How to deal with the addicts in the world that is best for all ?

As I have written in the previous article, the addiction affects the whole world and unless everybody eliminates that problem from their life it will stay this way. Thus in the meantime we should be investigating how to minimalize its influence on the whole world.

It is important to realise that we should not be going into the mode of judging the addiction. It could be a very painful and difficult experience but still some people learn a lot from it - some learn and others become completely possessed by it and eventually die from it. But of course it is not necessary to go through the whole experience of it in real life and learn from it this way. It is also possible to learn from without active participation. Unfortunately not many choose this way and they end up in a big shit. There are various organizations, doctors, psychologists etc. but unless the person doesn't want to do something about it, it is extremely difficult - if not completely impossible - to get that person out of it.

Thus what should we do with all of these people in a case when we want to create a world which is best for all ? Because if we want to create a world which is best for all then we must also do something with the people who refuse to participate in this plan and on top of it, they affect it negatively. They are not responsible and their weakness will affect the whole world.

Thus what do we do ? How do we handle this problem ?

Within all of it one thing is very clear: if somebody falls into addiction then he makes automatically decision that he doesn't want to participate in the creation of the world which is best for all. And if he doesn't want to do it then he should be taken out of the decision making process about it and he should not be in a position when he could affect it negatively.

Thus one of the proposals would be to create specialized centres in which a person would be enclosed and would have the opportunity to experiment and explore the addiction as they wish. I know that on one hand this seems to be completely fucked because it would mean that we would provide the person with the substances which are destructive and unhealthy and possibly causing harm and death. But at the same time we all know that making the drugs illegal is not effective at all and people who are addicted find a way to get it anyway. But because this is not controlled properly thus it is also happening through the means of abuse, damage, crime which causes harm to many innocent people. Thus I would say that it would be much more effective to create an environment which would be much easier controlled and would not affect in such a strong way our creation of the world which is best for all. And in the end this best for all would also include this people who are addicted because in all of these centres people would have an opportunity to explore the addiction and at the same time they would have assistance of specialists who would help them to deal with their addiction if they decide that they need help.

As I said before it is almost impossible to get a person out of addiction if he doesn't want to do it himself and thus instead of making it illegal, it would be better to create an environment in which they could explore it freely but without their negative influence on the creation of other people who are interested in the making of the world which is best for all.

And of course it would be necessary to implement a much better prevention system into our society. And the best prevention is achieved through better and effective education system.



Published: 2013 - March - 15      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater