About chemtrails and governments

I didn't have access to internet yesterday thus I am posting my article today.

Chemtrails are the white lines of smoke left behind the plane which we can see in the sky. People talk much about it on internet and I can see it on Facebook or other websites. There are different theories about them which come from different sources but nothing is being said by the official sources coming from the government or army.

I don't want to come with another theory. But I know one thing. We live in a capitalistic world in which almost everybody wants to make profit while reducing or even eliminating costs completely. And those planes with the smoke behind them also cost money thus the question is: "who is making profit here?". It is obvious that somebody is putting a lot of effort into it.

The next thing is that if somebody doesn't tell you the truth ( in this case government, army or some other organization ) that means that this somebody is afraid that the public would not approve it and not allow it thus everything is kept secret.

I could continue talking much about it but in the end it all comes to one point that we have governments which work in secrecy behind the back of the public. But you know what ? It is now about the government. It is about you and me and everybody who elects these governments and let them get away with doing shit behind our back and keep it secret. We allow it all. And only we can change it. But we must act and the most efficient way is to work together in a group which has an objective that is best for all - DESTENI GROUP.



Published: 2013 - March - 14      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater