Addiction as form to run away from myself

I had a conversation with a person with a problem of addiction to alcohol.

A - Why do you start to drink ?
B - Because I got angry and beer helps me to calm down.
A - But you know that in the past you have taken 1 beer and later many times you have fallen into it...
B - Yes... I know but...
A - But what ? If you cannot control it then the best way to deal with it is to not start at all.
B - You know nothing about it. You have never been addicted to alcohol.

2 things that came out here. First of all it is not necessary for me to go through the whole process of being addicted to know what it is. For me it was enough to see others how they are being affected by it and this gives me enough reasons not to get myself into this shit. And at the same time I can give everybody an advice how to deal with this problem: "Do not start it at all !".

Secondly this person is using alcohol to run away from himself. It is obvious here that in some situations there come to the surface certain things which this person has suppressed and in the moment of coming to the surface - instead of investigating, facing it and transforming it - he supresses it further with alcohol. All that is there inside, is part of this person. It is maybe unpleasant but it is all self. Well... technically speaking not all because illusions and fears are not part of self. But the self if believing that they are part of self and is defining itself through the mind that it is self. The alcohol in this case calms down the reactions which accompany all the things which this person has supressed within.

And thus the solution for this person would be let the things to come to the surface and not to be afraid of them. It is fear and fear is always an illusion which makes the things look different then they are.

To be continued...



Published: 2013 - March - 10      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater