School is boring

In the last few days I have been talking a little bit with the university students and from this conversation I have figured out that the education in the last 20 years has not changed at all. It is the same as it was when I was a student and it is simply overloading students with unnecessary knowledge ( forcing people to memorize ) which is in 80 - 90 % not practical and within the short period of time after the exams it will be almost completely forgotten.

Thus the question is why do we spend so much time of our life ( up to 20 years or sometimes even more ) trying to memorize things which are not practical and not necessary ? And on top of it you have to pay a fortune for it ( in many countries ) if you are a university student.

Where is the logic in it ?

We all know that this is completely senseless but yet we are doing it year after year and we are not changing it. And why not ? You know yourself that most of your classes ( when you were at school ) were boring. And would it not be fun to learn something practical that you can use in life. I remember my experience. Few months after I have graduated from the university I have joined a college of natural medicine to learn massage. And I had fun with it because it was something practical that I could use immediately after I have learned it.

And this was the point. It was all practical. And it was fun. And it would be exactly the same if we were teaching our children practical stuff. There would be much fewer problems with difficult children at school too. And I know it also because I have a friend who is a teacher in a school which follows a Waldorf's program. And it is all different there. The children are different and have fun.

Listen... you have had your experience at school and you remember that it was fucking boring so why do you let your children go through the same shit ? Do something to change it.

If you would like to do something and change it you must understand that our current school system is aligned with the economic system which wants to make as much profit as possible and thus the change must also be applied to our current economic system. Thus have a look at Equal Money System because this would give a sound foundation for a new school system.



Published: 2013 - February - 23      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater