positive people and fear of facing negativity

Yesterday I was called to do a massage for a person who had an operation 3 years ago to remove tumor from her brain. Since then her life is a real suffering and struggle to survive literally. When I entered the room and I saw her yesterday I said to myself: "holy f..k" because I saw an image of a zombie. It was scary what I saw there. Now together with my friend who is specializing in alternative therapies for difficult cases like this one ( post cancer patients ) we will try to help that person. There is a lot of work ahead but we will try to do the best we can.

Now... the moment I saw that woman in bed I also thought of all those positive people who say: "life is beautiful". WTF... how can somebody say that life is beautiful ? This is only possible to say because you are hiding yourself within the bubble of positive thinking and you push away from yourself anything that could be a threat to this fantasy that you have created in your mind. You push away from you anything that according to your definition and judgment is negative. You will not go to see these people because to you this is to negative.

And you know what ? I have a test for all of you who say that you are positive and life is beautiful". Go and see some heavily deformed cancer patients left with little help from the governments and social health care or go to Africa and see all the sick and dying people because they don't have access to health care at all and they have no food or water. Go there and see if you are able to maintain your positivity while you see the bodies of a living people being eaten by flies, while you smell the odor of sick and decomposing body and try to say that life is beautiful. And maybe try to teach these people how to be positive and think positively so that the universe provides them instantly with food, water and medicine.

I am almost certain that there will be no single person able to maintain their positivity for a long time. And I am also certain that most of these positive people will try to donate some of their fortune and come back to their positive world feeling happy that they have done all that they could ( by donating some small part of their wealth ) to help these people.

To be continued...



Published: 2012 - October - 26      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater