What would you do if everybody had a lot of money ?

Let's imagine that everybody has enough money for the whole life and you don't have to work for money anymore. I know that it seems impossible to believe that something like this can exist but let's leave the doubts on the side for the moment.

What would you do in your life if this was for real ?

Probably many people have never thought about it because in the current system that we live in, most of us simply wish that they have so much money that they wouldn't have to work anymore but because - at the same time - they believe that this is something absolutely impossible, they never go beyond the first step of wishing to have it and don't even consider practical aspects of it.

Thus let's have a look at some practical aspects of it. The reason why so many people wish to not have to work anymore and simply do nothing is because of the design of the current economic system - there is not enough money and we have to do whatever it is necessary to earn money to survive, which also means that we have to do things that we hate. And this job consumes so much time and energy from us that it is very difficult if not completely impossible to do things that we would love to do. But if that was real that we don't have to work for money to be able to survive, would you really like to do nothing ? Wouldn't that be boring ?

I am sure that in the beginning you would do nothing. I mean you would stay at home few days and just do literally nothing or only simple things around the house, you would go to see your family and friends or maybe you would go on holidays to a places that you always wanted to visit but you never had enough money to make it happen. This beginning stage of doing "nothing" would vary from person to person - for some it would be just few days and of others even few years. And there is a question: "What would you do then ?".

I know one thing for sure and I have observed and investigated it already for many years. This wish to be able to do nothing is not real and not practical because after certain period there comes a moment of boredom and the person starts to look to do something. As I said before this point of feeling bored will vary from person to person but it will come eventually. Apart from this if everybody had enough money and didn't have to work for it anymore, then who would do the dirty jobs like waste removal, food production, maintenance of infrastructure etc. ?

To be continued...



Published: 2012 - September - 16      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater