Anti Japanese protests in China over islands dispute

Without going into to many details, there is an island on the East China Sea and China together with Japan claim that it belongs respectively to each of them. Some intentions of Chinese activists who waved their national flag on this island has been copied by the Japanese activists few days later but this time it was a reason for anti Japanese street demonstrations in China during which some Japanese shops and restaurants have been damaged by the demonstrators.

It is all a typical play-out of human ego. Somebody creates an illusion that something belongs to them, then we have somebody else claming the same and both parties enter into a phase of confrontations trying to shoe that their ego is bigger and stronger and in some cases it all leads to war between both of them. It has happened before in the history of humanity and if it happens again we should not be surprised.

But is it all necessary ?

First of all Earth doesn't belong to anybody. Our body has been created out of the dust of Earth thus we are - in some way - guests in here but for some reason we forget about it and we believe stupidly that we are the masters and owners of it. And when we have 2 or more persons who believe that each of them is the owner of specific part of the land or sea then we have a conflict. And because each one believes strongly that he is the ones who is right, this conflict escalates quite often to the point of war which brings nothing else but destruction and suffering. And when something is being destroyed then nobody can enjoy it anyway.

Instead of realizing that we are just guests on this planet and try to find ways in which we could coexist in peace through sharing what is being kindly offered to us by planet Earth, we prefer to insist that we are right, that something belongs to us and fight for it - sometimes until death. Ridiculous... to die for a self-made belief which is not even real !!! But unfortunately too many people live this illusionary, self-made belief for real and later we have suffering and wars on a global scale which is also real.

Common Chinese and Japanese people... wake up !!! Don't repeat the same mistake of our fathers. Stop fighting about this small island and create more destruction and suffering. Try to find a solution so that all of you can benefit from this island in a peaceful way. There is no need to go to the point when you will be shading the tears on the tomb of your loved ones who have lost their life through this conflict - either being killed accidentally in the clashes between demonstrators or during the official war between your countries. In that moment you will understand that it was not worth it thus stop it before it is too late.



Published: 2012 - August - 19      © Copyright 2012 - Greg Wiater