JTL summary

So this my 2nd last article. I am not really sure what to write as a summary here. Probably there will write some points as they come.


Thus another point which I regard as great success is that I started to eat 1 meal a day and I found stability in it. I heard few times about people who eat only 1 meal but for me that was something outside of my reach. I was eating 4-5 times a day and now I am in complete awe of myself that I made it happen. On top of it a week ago I started with vegan diet with 1 meal a day and I also see that it is something that I can live with. Today I went to the gym and despite being on vegan diet for 7 days I maintained my strength at peak levels.


This was supposed to be main point of the articles because self-forgiveness together with corrective statements is a tool that helps people to transform effectively the weak points. I did not do it in the way that it was suggested in the beginning. Though I do not want to say that it was a failure. I fully agree that self-forgiveness is effective and it helped me with some of my points but I also found different way of dealing with my things.


In my last 10 years I went through a period with really rough relationship. But I worked out my points and in the end I was fortunate to experience a very fulfilling and happy moments in another relationship. It was relatively short but at the same time it was a sign that I transformed my points effectively. Otherwise I would end up in another abusive relationship.


Although I did not transform my point with sleep and I continue to sleep 6-9 hours, I know that I will succeed with it at some point just like I did with 1 meal a day and other things. I just need to stay focused and keep walking forward. It is just a matter of time.


I have not managed yet to regenerate my teeth. At least they are stable and I do not have pain. Same as with sleep I will continue to walk forward this point until I find the solution.


Written: 2019 - April - 15   Published: 2019 - April - 20      © Copyright - Greg Wiater