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This was my day off and I needed it. I slept long but it was good. Now I have recovered from tiredness of work and I could function normally if I will not have much work tomorrow.

I started my experiment with vegetarianism. I used to be a vegetarian for about 10 years with some breaks in between. And I have been thinking about going back to it for over a year but I did not know how to do it good. Lately I have been inspired by one person that I saw on Youtube and finally came a moment when I believe that I could do it without any side effects for my health. And on top of it I see that it is even possible to be strong and build up muscles on this diet. But of course this is at the moment in the experimental phase and I will need to prove it in practical living. So I give myself a period of 1 weeks as the trial to see how I would function with it.

This is the second day in the row when I did meditation in the pyramid on the terrace. Lately I was not consistent with it. But now I see and feel again the benefits of it. So I just need to be more consistent with it.

Apart from this I went to the gym today but I did not do exercises at home. Tomorrow I plan to go to yoga class and then to the gym in the evening. There is some kind of stagnation when it comes to my projects but when it comes to my body and meditation I make interesting progress.

Somehow I feel more energetic today. Something has changed in the air. Maybe it is the meditation and the vegetarian food. I cannot clearly pin point the reason.

What else ?

I have 12 days left to the end of my JTL. I feel pleased that this is the end. I somehow got used to it and it does not bother me to write an article but then when I finish I will have 1 responsibility less on my shoulders.


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