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I did not feel like working today but I had to. Later I realised that I intuitively felt prior to the appointment that my client was not ready to transform his fears and that session was not as good as it could be. There was a little moment of crisis but we found constructive solution and I did the best I could to assist my client.

What else ?

I did not manage to switch to vegetarian food today as I did not have enough time to cook my food. So I leave it for tomorrow. Everything is prepared and I bought more vegetarian food in the supermarket. I will try to do the initial test for 1 week and I will see how it goes with my body weight and strength in the gym.

Today I did exercises at home and I even did something at home in the morning. I had a break from doing exercises at home and there was some resistance towards it. But I pushed myself to do it and I plan to be more regular with it.

I compare myself to how I am now and I was 3 months ago. Then I was doing some exercises less regular. I was gaining weight as this was my goal and at the same time I was fascinated that I am able to put on weight so much for the first time in my life. But this weight gain was not of the muscles. I had also accumulation of fat tissue around my stomach and I did not like. Apart from this I had some pains in my back due to work at the computer but at the same time it was the result of my laziness and procrastination with doing stretching and exercises in general.

But finally I broke out of this stagnation and I started to do exercises almost every day and sometimes even 2-3 times a day. I started to go to yoga class and do stretching. And I feel great. Now... I have this thoughts in my head. The exercises are sometimes difficult and challenging and sometimes I have muscle pains after doing the exercises. But then when I compare myself to how I was 3 months ago I realised that the pains and discomfort related to doing exercises is far less than pain when my body is not fit or sick. Not that I was not fit or sick but still I had some pains in my back and I did not feel strong. So I plan to continue with the exercises daily and more.


Written: 2019 - April - 06   Published: 2019 - April - 11      © Copyright - Greg Wiater