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And so this was my day off. In the morning I was a bit struggling within myself as there was imbalance in my energies after the turbulences of yesterday. But I did not eat anything during the day. I wanted to go back to my regime with one meal. And it was good that I did it because when I went to the gym in the evening I felt really good like on those other days when everything is going well.

Afterwards I went for dinner and now I am at home. I bought today the pressure cooker and most probably tomorrow I will start my experiment with 1 meal and vegetarian diet. I am really curious if this is going to work. Of course I will see it with my body weight and then also with the strength during training. Today one of the person in the gym told me that my body has changed a lot lately. So despite my worries that I am losing weight etc. my body is changing. And this shows me that I might be a bit overthinking. Anyway I am taking my experiment to the new level tomorrow or at the latest after tomorrow.

I sent an email to the group with proposal of doing something together. I am waiting for reply.

Not sure what else to write.

I was taking a coffee today in the shopping and watching people passing by. I observe them and I continue to ask myself the question about the sense in doing anything like courses, teachings etc. as I do not see interest in people to change anything in their life. It is all like a move MATRIX. I know that there are people who want to do something but it is like finding a diamonds in the big mountain.

Anyway the focus is always on me. I must be the master first before I can guide others. And at the moment I am still struggling with maintaining absolute stability ( eg. when I work a lot ). So I guess that I will continue quest for self-perfection and there will come a moment when I will be ready.


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