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I had a day off today. I woke up very late around midday and I do not understand why. Well... I woke up with the alarm earlier but I stayed in bed and I fell asleep. In any case I still do not understand why I slept so long.

I did not do much today. I spent some time with a friend and in the evening I went to the gym. I decided to do it as my body recovered well from yesterday's training and felt strong. Though I did not do the strength training pushing the heaviest weights. I just did different form. Tomorrow I have busy day with work and I most probably I will skip the training. I will only go to the yoga class in the morning.

I am writing in details what I do during the day as this is part of the experiment with the diet and training.

I see stability with my diet plan and I am seriously thinking about taking it 1 step further and go on vegetarian and maybe even vegan diet with 1 meal a day. The tests with medical instrument show stability and there is no increase in the toxicity. Now I take both protein and amino acid supplements in the evening after the training and before the meal and my body is dealing with it much better than taking it during the day.

Ahh... I had one interesting and important thought/realisation when I woke up. Thus my lack of motivation with making further progress with my project through doing more things is that I have enough of always expecting and demanding from myself to learn new things and doing everything myself. I want to see that what I am doing now is enough. I mean I want to do things in harmony and peace without stressing myself and pushing myself over the limits. I do a lot of things already and I want to see more visible results from what I am doing. And to make further progress with my project I want to see involvement and input from other people. As I said it already in other articles this is the project for all and thus I cannot be the person who does everything for all. Apart from this I want to focus on the things that I enjoy and that is doing my scientific experiments with my body ( e.g diet with 1 meal ), meditation etc.


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