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In the morning I went to the yoga class. I could do the exercises at home but then I like to do it with other people. Anyway afterwards I went home as I did not feel good. Yesterday I had an intensive day at work and I think it affected me strongly. So lied down in bed and I allowed myself to sleep. Then I did meditation and back to sleep. I felt better afterwards but still I was not in the best form. Thus I decided to eat something as I had couple of appointments in the afternoon. That is the 2nd day in a row when I have extra meal during the day. Now it is evening and I feel good so I would say that I made the right decision.

I did not exercises today. Just yoga in the morning. But that is ok. In the busy periods I need to adjust my program instead of trying to push my limits unnecessarily.

I just stood on the scale and I am surprised to see that my body weight is at the highest. Just like it was when I started the experiment. Obviously I doubt that my body built up 1 kg of muscles in 24 hours. It is more related to the point that I ate twice and my intestines have more mass in them. Still I am pleased to see that I have the same weight as before. Because it means that I maintain my muscle tissue and those fluctuations are just related to the bowel movement. But I am also curious to see how is my strength at the gym. I want to see if I am able to match my record weights with this body weight. Though here could be an issue as it has been already 5 days since going to the gym last time because of the public holidays and work in the evenings.


Written: 2019 - March - 27   Published: 2019 - April - 11      © Copyright - Greg Wiater