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Today I sat down in front of my computer with the idea of posting online my JTL articles from the last 2 weeks. But when I opened the folder I noticed that it has been almost a month since I did it last time. Wow... I got so involved with the 1 meal diet that I lost my time orientation. Anyway I did it and I am done with it. I have less than a month and I will be done with my 7 years of writing daily articles.

Today I had another day off. I stayed at home and I did my experiments with breathing etc. I also did cardio exercises. Tomorrow I plan to go to yoga class in the morning and later I will see. For sure I want to go to the gym and do the heavy weights training.

It has been almost 4 weeks since I started doing my 1 meal a day experiment. As I wrote in my articles I made some progress with physical strength and I toned my muscles but I am not holding my weight. I steadily go down. Now I am around 1.5 kg less than I was in the beginning of the experiment. And I do not know how to deal with this issue. On one hand this is not so much because I wanted to burn some fat tissue and I make some progress with it. But then I need to see that I am able to stop this loss ( although it is relatively small ) and feel confident that I can also gain weight and volume in muscles.

What else ?

There is no news about the hotel that was on fire last week. Still I do not know how to interpret this whole situation. Why I was guided to get involved with it ? Was it just a waste of time and some money ? What is the lesson from it ?

When I speak about the lesson I remember about the realisation or question that came to my mind today ? Thus I looked at my whole life and basically through the whole period until now I have been trying to learn something new, make experiments, try to change myself and the world etc. There is nothing wrong about it but this is only going to happen if all agree to put their own effort and participate in this endeavour. And the question that came to me is>

What about living ?

This is for me. What about living instead of trying always to chase and achieve something ? And here there came another one ?

What does it mean to live ?

And this is an interesting question. Because I am at the point where I do not see any sense in following the crowd and trying to live the way they do. I am at the point where I want to drop all my desires as I see that they do not manifest anyway and just focus on the awareness of breath and just breathe moment by moment. And see where this is going to take me.


Written: 2019 - March - 24   Published: 2019 - March - 24      © Copyright - Greg Wiater