My life is full of love, joy and abundance

Few days ago I helped couple of tourist with the translation as they had some troubles with their booking. I thought that this would be a short thing of making a phone call but in the end it took over 2 hours. As I said in my article I did not like that it took so much time but then I would also like to get some help if I was in a similar situation. Anyway they did not call me the next day and I figured it out that they found their way and all is good for them. But they called me today and asked to meet with me. I thought that they need some help again and I went to meet them on the street. I was so surprised to see that they came to say thank you for my help. They even brought me a small present as an appreciation. It was one of the worst possible presents ( bottle of alcoholic liquor ) as I do not drink alcohol but in this moment it was not so important. I was really impressed that they bothered to come even though they did not have to do so. It was a very nice surprise for me.

What else ?

Today I had a bit more work with clients. But it was within my limits and thus it was ok. In the evening I went to the gym. Because I train in the gym every day then my body does not have enough time to recover from it and I do training with lesser weights. It is still intensive but I am not able to beat my records. Probably now I will have 2 days break from going to the gym as there are public holidays here. And then after this break I will be able to test my strength. I am really curious how it is going to be as I weigh 1 kg less from my best.

I did meditation and it was good. Lately I have a lot of thoughts about the sense of me doing my projects as I do not see interest and appreciation of it from other people. But this is not about other people. It is about me stopping wasting time and applying discipline and achieving my goals. The other thing about disappointment with other people is just a point and excuse of my ego to divert my attention from the point that I am not effective with my own application of discipline.


Written: 2019 - March - 22   Published: 2019 - March - 24      © Copyright - Greg Wiater