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I had a busy day at work. Though all work was concentrated in the afternoon and I spent the first part of the day doing my things in my easy and lazy way. Thus I did my meditation and I also spent some time doing test with my medical instrument.

As I wrote in my previous articles I noticed the increase in toxicity in my body as a result of introducing new supplements and foods into my diet. But this morning everything was ok. I also checked it up during the day and in the evening and it looks good. I even started with protein supplements in the morning. So we will see how it goes. One thing that is different is that I do not do as much cardio exercises in the last couple of days. And this could be an important element in it. When I have less work I will go back to it.

What else ?

Today I knew in advance that I would have an intensive day at work. And my question was whether I would be ok with 1 meal in the evening ? But I only took mineral supplements before the treatments and I was good.

In general I have moments when my weight falls a bit. But I recognize these moments when my body eats the muscles and I prevent further damage by having additional meal. It is better to do it this way rather than trying to stay with one meal at all cost. In any case I am still experimenting with this new 1 meal program. At some moments it is very challenging and I ask myself about the reason for making myself all these troubles. But on the other hand I am more confident with myself as I see that those moments of weakness are only temporary and once they go away then I am perfectly fine with one meal. So I will continue with this experiment.


Written: 2019 - March - 17   Published: 2019 - March - 24      © Copyright - Greg Wiater