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After having very intensive day at work yesterday I needed to recover and prepare myself for the appointment in the afternoon. In the morning I was indeed tired despite long sleep but felt much better than in similar situations in the past. That is a good sign that I manage my nutrition and my energy much better.

Anyway I went out to get some fresh air in the coffee shot at the sea side. There I met with my colleagues from the team and I shared with them my experience with the other person that I wanted to bring to the team. This conversation helped us to understand the dynamics of this type of situations and then we agreed that it will help us to prevent making wrong decisions in the future when it comes to joining new members to our team.

My body weight in the morning was less than on the other days. I expected it after having so much work yesterday. In any case I managed to get through the day with 1 protein supplement in the afternoon and 1 meal in the evening. It was a bigger meal than usual and I have recovered some of the weight. Altogether I am about 500g less than in the time when I started my experiment with 1 meal about 2 weeks ago. That is not bad at all.

Now... let's focus on the protein supplement. It helped me a little with the hunger during the day but the test showed increase in toxin levels about 1 hour later. It was not drastic because I would say that my body can cope with it after I cleaned my body in the last couple of days. In any case I will continue monitoring it. Maybe I will take it every second day. I will see. This is experimental phase.


Written: 2019 - March - 10   Published: 2019 - March - 24      © Copyright - Greg Wiater