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To follow my observation about the increasing levels of toxins in my body I did the test in the morning. I was not impressed at all by what I saw in the diagram. There were significant changes which I see when testing my clients who have some kind of health issues. Of course I detect it early and I will do something to prevent any health problems.

I still do not know whether this increase in the levels of toxins comes from the burning out the fat tissue in my body which released the toxins being stored in there or whether this is the sign that the supplements that I started to take last week are toxic. I suspect the 2nd option more probable and so I decided not to take the amino acids supplement this morning. I only took mineral supplement which I know are clean.

Apart from having worse results on my medical test, I also had something that I could define as crisis. I was not in the optimal state. First of all I had more intensive than yesterday muscle pains ( especially in my legs after doing new exercise 2 days ago ) and secondly I had some unpleasant feeling in my head. This feeling in the head could be result of the lactic acid in the body from excessive exercises or simply because there are higher levels of toxins flowing freely in my blood. But at the same time the higher levels of toxins ( which I detect with my medical instrument ) could be the result of lactic acid. I am going to continue observe and monitor my body. In any case I will stop taking the protein supplements for couple of days until my values return to normal. And then I will introduce one at a time to see whether if affects my body negatively.

Now there is a question whether I will be able to continue with 1 meal a day without these supplements ?

Well... I will take more of the mineral supplements as I know that they are clean and at the same time they help to remove the toxins from my body.

At least my body weight is stable.


Written: 2019 - March - 05   Published: 2019 - March - 24      © Copyright - Greg Wiater