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Luckily couple of my appointments were cancelled. Otherwise this would be a very intensive day at work and it could have been difficult to cope with for me.

Anyway last night I went relatively early to sleep. And this was a long sleep but still I woke up earlier than usual. And I think that could be the reason why my day felt like it is going really slow. Or maybe that was something else ? It felt like something was different as if something has changed. You'll know... if we take into consideration quantum physics and other theories of relativity then I could easily say that time is not linear.

Apart from this interesting thing with my sleep was that I had a dream with my ex. I do not have contact with her and I have given up on the idea that we could get back together. I sometimes think of what went wrong and what I could have done better but I cannot say that I think a lot about her. And I got really surprised that I had dream about her. And what was even more unusual that this dream was relatively long. And I do not remember having such a long dream ever. And being within this dream I noticed that she has changed and she is different ( in a good way ). Does it mean anything ? Well... I cannot say anything more about it. Couple of months ago I tried to establish contact with her because I also had dream with her and I felt that we could have at least contact with each other but she was not interested then. I mention it here for the record because as I said this was a very unique dream for me.

Thus because my appointments in the morning were cancelled so I stayed at home trying to recover from the tiredness of the last few days and prepare for my appointments in the afternoon. I also decided to take a break from exercises.

In the morning my body weight for bigger 300g than yesterday. Despite working so much my body was able to cope really good with the stress and it was building up the muscles. But at night I see that I weigh about 300g than last night. I was really struggling on my last appointment and I felt like my body is decomposing the muscle tissue for nutrients. So this is probably the reason for the loss. In the end I am not surprised by it as this was really intensive week at work and in the gym. And then I started my experiment with 2 meal a day.


Written: 2019 - March - 02   Published: 2019 - March - 24      © Copyright - Greg Wiater