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I am totally amazed by what is happening with my body and how it reacts to my new experiment with diet. This is the 3rd day when I take only 1 proper meal a day. Before I continue I want to mention that I am doing my experiment in the middle of the intensive period of work. This is the 4th day when I work close to my daily limits. And in the next 2 days it will also be very busy. So I am doing my experiment in a very difficult moment.

Anyway I slept a bit long last night. I woke up earlier but I snoozed and in the end I slept close to 8 hours. I got up and I drank some water to rehydrate my body and I took my morning dose of dietary supplements. As I said in the previous article taking these minerals, vitamins and amino acids could be regarded as a meal but still this is something different. I am not filling up my stomach with big amount of food and those minerals get processed quickly. I had only 2 hrs to my appointment but still I decided to do my exercises. I did not feel like it at all. And normally I would simply skip the training especially that I had a busy day with many appointments. But I am in the phase of experiment where I decided to follow the plan no matter what. And then I want to stop with constant excuses and postponing for later as I do not make any progress with my goals.

So I did my morning exercises. It was hard as I do intensive cardio exercises but I managed to do it all. Afterwards I went to work. I did not really have any free time between the appointments so I could not do any siesta to recharge my batteries. But I was doing fine. And I only took some supplements according to plan before the last appointment.

After this last appointment I wanted to go to the gym. But I felt a bit weak. So again I took some minerals hoping that this would give me some boost of energy. But it did not work and I did not feel like going to the gym at all. And again I want to say that normally I would skip the training and I would try to rest. But I did not follow the excuses. I went to the gym although I felt weak. I was so weak that it was hard for me to run from home to the gym, which I normally do as a warm up before training. And I just walked talking to myself that I will go there and do something light.

And so I got to the gym I started to do my training expecting that I would have no power to life heavy weights. But I got really surprised that I could easily push heavy weight. And so I decided to put some extra discs. And I already wrote in one of my articles that I am close to my personal best when it comes to lifting weights in the gym. And so on my first exercise I matched or maybe even exceeded my personal best despite feeling so weak on the way to the gym.

I continued my exercises and I noticed that the weakness is not there. I felt strong and stable. And I want to remind you that this was about 22 hours after my last proper meal. Altogether I did a 1.5 hrs training ( normally 1 hr or less ) and I beat 1 more personal record in one of the exercises. I could not believe what was happening. How come I went from feeling totally weak to be so strong and resistant ? It looks like my body being put under stress started to obtain the energy from fat or other sources !?

This experiment is very interesting. We will see how it goes. I want to see if the results are permanent and also if the supplements don't have any side effects. I did the test with my medical instrument 2 days ago and it was all fine. But then I need to wait about 10 days before I could detect any changes ( if there are any ).


Written: 2019 - February - 28   Published: 2019 - March - 24      © Copyright - Greg Wiater