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Last night when I was in bed I decided to do breathing and relaxation exercises. In these exercises I focus on letting go in my mind. And this is not the first time when I notice that I wake up much more refreshed in the morning. But to be able to do the exercises effectively I cannot go to bed totally exhausted as then it is difficult to do the exercises. I simply fall asleep quickly and I cannot stay focused.

Apart from this it looks like I was right when it comes to the point that I had deficiency in my diet. I bought today amino acids supplement and I noticed that my eyes were no more dry. Now I need to test over a period of few days whether the correction is stable and if there are no side effects ( toxic deposits e.g. heavy metals or other chemicals ) from it. I will do the test with my medical instrument as it is very effective this type of things.

Today I did some work with clients. I went to the beach and I did exercises at home. I continue to increase my body weight. I continue with 2 meals a day plan and only occasionally I eat something in between. I have been training more intensively and regularly lately and my plan is to increase the muscle tissue content in my body though I do not what to get overly big. At the same time I want to decrease the fat content so that my muscles show up better. This is my goal at the moment. I want to get to the have an six/eight pack.

What else ?

I just did my meditation. And now I want to post online my articles as it has been already 1 week since I did it last time.


Written: 2019 - February - 25   Published: 2019 - February - 25      © Copyright - Greg Wiater