My life is full of love, joy and abundance

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

I woke up late today. Though I went to bed late and I slept around 6 hours. I was more disciplined today. I did some work with client and I continued working on my website. I put a lot of effort to this task and I still do not see the fruits from it. I expect that this will change in the next couple of months because once all the information is there then I start active promotion and advertising.

Today I did no exercises. I had a rest. I wanted to do something but I postponed it for later and in the end it got late. In any case I will try to get up earlier today and do the exercises then because this is the best moment for it.

It looks like I will have another day without clients tomorrow and I will dedicate time to my projects.

Today I was going through the point of disappointment with my colleagues. The situation repeats itself time after time. I noticed some changes intuitively yesterday and later in the conversation it came up that my colleagues are facing a wall of fear and they have a lot of resistance to do something about it. I offered my assistance already couple of times but they did not accepted it because of fear. You'll see... that is fine that they want to do their things on their own. I do not have problems with it. The only thing is that based on the previous experience and according to the statistics this means that soon our paths will go different ways. They will go on the path where they can work their own fears in their own ways and methods and as long as they want it. I am asking myself whether I should try different approach or just let them go and be more active in helping them to let go their own way ?


Written: 2019 - February - 11   Published: 2019 - February - 16      © Copyright - Greg Wiater