My life is full of love, joy and abundance

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

This evening after I finished work and I went out to eat dinner in the restaurant I started to notice again the feeling of tranquillity and peace. This is interesting because I did not do the usual things which I thought would activate this feeling. By saying doing the usual things I mean having long sleep or meditation. I had some sleep during the day but then I had another long and intensive treatment with a client and this should normally make me more tired. But it did not and apart from this I also feel a lot of sweetness in my heart.

Anyway after the dinner I went home and I thought that I would do my meditation but instead I decided to watch a film. Now it is midnight and I am writing this article. I feel all the time the sweetness and tranquillity. Though the film has also activated the feeling of missing my partner.

How could I interpret this feeling of sweetness and tranquillity ?

Lately I am faced with a little bit of disappointment because my goals that I have been working on and desiring for a long time are not coming. But although I face this feeling I am still keeping up and not giving up on them. And in this state of disappointment I feel the sweetness and tranquillity. I interpret it that everything is fine and that I am on the right path to the exit from the labyrinth. I do not see the exit yet but I already feel the fresh air. And under no circumstances I should give up on my dreams and goals.

I did not do exercises today as I had very intensive day at work. And apart from this my neck is still not 100%. It is getting better though. I managed to go to the beach today during the day as the day was warm and sunny and I had some free time between the appointments. It was really good for me to be in the nature.


Written: 2019 - February - 01   Published: 2019 - February - 16      © Copyright - Greg Wiater