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I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Today I had a day off. I needed it as last 2 weeks were full of work. Definitely I work less than in last couple of years according to my plan and decision to bring harmony and balance between work and rest time but still it was quite intensive lately. So I had easy day doing my things. I little regret that I did not got up out of bed when I woke up first time because I fell asleep again and I was late morning when I started doing my things. Anyway I am in the process of finding the solution about sleeping less.

Apart from this I had a very important breakthrough when it comes to the experiment with healing my heart. Thus after the fasting for 55 hours my test with the medical instrument showed big improvement. It was almost perfect. But then couple of hours later my results went back to the usual values. Today I was experimenting with my instrument in regards to placing the sensory electrodes in different spots within the radius of 2 cm from the usual position. And surprisingly I discovered that there is a place in which my measurements are literally ideal.

So it looks like I have been doing it wrong for this whole time ?!

I will have to test it on other people before I will be able to say definitely that this was the case but then this is just for pure science. because for me personally it makes all sense that my values should be ideal knowing my life style and all the efforts that I do to keep myself healthy and strong.

One more important thing I need to mention one more time ( I think I did it in the other article ) is that I see stability in my measurements. This is what my colleague ( who introduced me to this instrument 2.5 years ago ) was talking about a lot. For example I had relatively good values in my first test ( far above average ) but still there was no stability. So one time I had really good values and then I was bad. And now it has changed. So this is for me a confirmation that this whole program with minerals and detoxification is effective. But of course this is not just about taking minerals. It is also about the whole life style and especially about the correct breathing with awareness. There is still room for improvement for me but definitely I am far above average here.

So I am very pleased to have this breakthrough. It is a big relief for me. And it is one thing that that can be taken of the list of my goals.

Still I need to remind everybody that although I have good values on my medical instrument but I continue to work on regeneration of my teeth. They do not hurt but visually they are far below average ( LOL ). My understanding of the situation is that I need to continue maintain my body in a good state so that it can work on regeneration of my teeth. I cannot allow myself to fall below the point when my body is under continuous stress and in deficit of energy because then the whole process stops or I would make few steps back. So I need stay focused. This is a rather slow process.


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