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I woke up this morning and I was fine. I did not feel hunger and I felt good. But when I got out of bed I felt that I am weak. I started to feel that my body starts to disintegrate its tissue ( muscles ) to get energy and other resources. I got on the scale to check up my weight. But although I felt like I am losing weight it was not so bad ( about 0.3 kg ). Anyway I did a test with my medical instrument and it showed that my body is under stress and weak. So I decided to finish this fasting and start to eat. I made myself a double size of usual breakfast and I ate it with pleasure. After a while I started to feel a bit better. So I got ready and I went to visit my client. I still felt a bit weak but the treatment was easy and I managed to do it. Afterwards I went back home, I ate a little snack with minerals and I went to sleep.

I woke up about 2.5 hours later and I started to ask myself the question about the sense in doing this fasting. I see some benefits of it but then at the same time it does not really make so much sense. Well... this lack of sense in doing it has changed when I did myself the test with my medical instrument. My values have improved drastically. They were almost perfect. I had to do 2 more test to confirm that this is real. And it was. So I was very pleased with it though I was wondering if this improvement would last.

Later afternoon I went visit my friends and afterwards I ate dinner. So altogether I ate 2 big meals and one snack. Normally I would eat 4-5 times a day. I wanted to see how my body would react if I do not overload it with food and I give it enough rest between the meals. Normally I see the problem with myself and other people in general with eating in between the meals and never giving a break to the digestive system. After the dinner I waited about 1 hour and I did the test. Unfortunately the improvement was not there any more. Well... my values are better and more stable than few 1 year ago but the improvement that I had at midday was not there any more. I will continue to do the experiments until I get this permanent improvement. Maybe there something wrong with the food that I eat ? I need to check up on this by eliminating my usual food pattern and try new things.


Written: 2019 - January - 12   Published: 2019 - February - 16      © Copyright - Greg Wiater