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I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Today is the 7th year after the date when we were supposed to have the end of the world. But as you can see the world keep rolling forward celebrating the coming of a new year with parties, champagne, fireworks etc. I hope we have learned a big lesson from the Armageddon predictions and we will not fall for it ever again.

Apart from this I had an easy day. I did some work with client and I did some of my stuff. Not much of exercises though. But this week I start no matter what. I dedicated each day at least 20 min to exercises. Meditation goes really good but the physical exercises are legging behind.

Today I proposed one person to be part of the team. This person is the head behind the pyramids project. Interesting was that I put the idea of joining the team on the table and I asked this person to think about it. But he answered immediately without thinking about it. That was nice and a very important sign for me because he did not take time to calculate what he can get from it for himself. He understood the concept behind the project as his personal ideas and values are similar if not exactly the same. He is not physically here where I am but that is not important as much. The most important that he understands the importance of this whole project and that he takes responsibility for it as if it was his own child.

Of course all of this will have to be evaluated in real life and with the time we will see if that works effectively for all who are involved into the project. So far we have 3 units. I say units because one unit consists of a couple of therapists.

So that is all for today.


Written: 2018 - December - 31   Published: 2019 - February - 16      © Copyright - Greg Wiater