My life is full of love, joy and abundance

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Today I did not have clients. I went to buy some things to finish my project on the terrace and later afternoon I went to visit my friends with whom I did meditation. I did not feel like doing it but in the end it was an interesting experience.

Apart from this I thought a lot during the day about this point with my client/friend who said that does not want to do the therapy with me. As I said I am not upset with the decision of not doing it but with the fact that I wasted my time on trying to assist this person. This is a common issue with many clients who do not want do anything about their problem themselves but instead they want somebody else to do it for them. And I am already tired with trying to explain this to people who do not appreciate it. Thus this latest situation with my friend brings me to the point when I want to make the decision that I will not assist people unless they ask me for it and they need to pay for my time. But it is not that I would not do it for free. It is that they do not appreciate it or value it and take it for granted.

Then I realised also one important thing that life/universe/existence/god is abundant but we create lack and poverty. We want it all and life is ready to give it to us but we don't take it as we fear. Or sometimes we take a small bite of the cake then then we run ay immediately in fear although we are welcomed to stay and have the whole cake. Maybe you do not follow me in my explanation. But it does not matter. This realisation is for me.

Today I did more exercises but still there needs to be done more. And I also want to start dancing. I do not feel like doing meditation now but I will push myself over this resistance.


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