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I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Today I was busy more with clients. But still I had enough time for myself and I did more exercises at home today.

In the evening I received a message from a friend that she does not want to do the therapy with me as she has enough of people telling her what to do. She wrote that she needs to find herself and her own way. This is really cool and she is really brave and determined. And I am sure that she will find her way. But at the same time I felt hurt and disappointed. Not with her though but with me that I have wasted my time on her. I should have seen before that she does not need help or assistance and use the time for something else.

Anyway this situation is a lesson for me to chose wisely where I give my time and energy to and who needs assistance. This is not the first time when I face a similar type of situation when I get involved with somebody to assist them in the transformation of their fears and weak points and it ends up almost every time that people give their power to the fear and fall back and I end up being disappointed. Sometimes I also lose some money because I give them though this is less and less. Based on the experience I do not give money as much any more but I give my time and energy. But still now I see that this as also hurting and disappointing.

And now I am asking myself when should I get involved ? The answer is simple.

First of all I have an emotional reaction. I feel hurt and disappointed. And thus it indicates that I have a personal interest in helping and assisting people. So I need others to feel good about myself. Because when I help them then I feel good. When I cannot help them then I feel disappointed. This is the first obvious point. I will need to check it in real life and see how it goes. Then I just live my life and if somebody gets inspired and would ask me for assistance then I would decide if that is appropriate moment for it. And I will be cautious about this point of feeling good.


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