My life is full of love, joy and abundance

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

My day was busy. I wish that I could have couple of days off without any work so that I could go to the nature and have some rest. But this will have to wait until next week as I have couple of appointments until Tuesday.

My project on the terrace is still not finished. I have completely different approach. Instead of trying to finish it as soon as possible and be done with it, I do it only when I feel like doing it in the moment. By saying I feel like doing it I mean that I do not push myself to do it when I am tired and overloaded with other responsibilities but rather I wait for the moment when I have free time from other responsibilities and I want to do this project with joy. There is still some elements of the project that I would like not to do but I still have to do them because they are part of the whole project. And thus for example today I had to do something that I did not feel like it. But I did not push myself to do it anyway. I simply sat down in front of my terrace and I looked at the work that I had to do. And I waited for the moment until I could feel that I want to do it. And it came. And then I started to do it. And in the end it was not that difficult and hard to do it. Though as I said the project is still not finished and maybe it will take few more days until it is finished. But it does not matter. In this moment it is important that I do it with joy and that I have fun with it. And when I finish it, it will be the most perfect time when it should be finished.

What else ?

No exercises and I did not do meditation. I will only try to do the shorter version of it as it is getting late.


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