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I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Yesterday I forgot to write about this small but yet interesting point. Thus when I started to order the materials and buy tools and other things for my project I was asking myself a lot the question of why am I doing it. What is the sense in doing it etc. ??? It comes all to the point that we live in reality where we have been taught and we have accepted to follow certain common path of "life". And doing something outside of this path is strange, unusual and in many cases it was dangerous and harmful to those who tried to do something outside of the common. So I guess I am facing and going through this kind of beliefs and issues. I do not give them my energy and power but I notice and observe them.

At this point I do not see clearly at this point all that will happen as the result of my actions but I will do it because I decided to do it. And here comes also anther point that we are used to expect some direct rewards for what we are doing. And usually this rewards takes form of money reward. Here I do not see this kind of rewards. As a matter of fact I need to spent my money on this. And this is not just a pocket money. Anyway I started the process for some reason few years ago and now I came to the point when I have the possibility to finish the project. I do not know what will happen and where it will take me. I have no guarantee that anything will happen and/or change at all although I expect that a new door must open somewhere. But even if nothing changes from now at least I am at peace that I have done what I wanted and what I was motivated to do. And if I would not do it, I know that I would regret it greatly.

The effort of last night with the printing was rewarded. The print was successful and now I will be able to proceed with my other projects which were dependent on this point with 3D printing. I was tired as a result of sleeping less but if I did not stay awake and monitor the process of printing then it would probably fail.


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