Lost article

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

I cannot find this aritcle on my computer. It got lost.

I have found the folowing article in my computer. The only thing is that I can identify clerly that this article wa written on the 13th of Oct 2018. And it looks like I messed up with the numbers and I do not know, which article should be with the date of 18th of Nov 2018. Thus I will post this article from the 13th of October here.

Today I met new therapists who do great work and maybe we will cooperate in the creation of the healing centre. I see this possibility because they have the requisite that they want to do it themselves and they similar understanding of how it can work successfully. We will see. But for now it looks promising.

Meeting of this new therapists came easy. It happened as if they were guided and destined to meet me. I am very curious what will come out of it. In the last couple of years I also met other therapists with whom I wanted to create the centre and meeting them happened also in the similar way. I am not concerned that it will end in a similar way. I am just observing and stating the facts. I am pleased that I met these people and I take advantage of past experiences to make everything better.

Apart from this today I had a day off. Last night I did not sleep much as I wasted time on the computer. I have fallen into the trap of mine. But it does not matter. I made a mistake but it helped me to understand that this is something that I do not want to do anymore.

I did not do any exercises today. I had light muscle pains from yesterday's workout in the gym and so I took it easy today.


Written: 2019 - November - 19   Published: 2018 - June - 09      © Copyright - Greg Wiater

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