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I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Today I decided to have day off. Because yesterday it was an intensive day and so it is better for me to take rest. I had extra sleep in the morning and later I went shopping. I needed to buy some things for my work but then I stopped by in a hardware shop and I discovered a way to make a pyramid. This is part of my project that has been dormant for months because I did not know how to get around some technical issues. But now I discovered a new method and I am excited about it. I came back in the evening and I immediately sat down at computer and I started to design the structure. I am very excited about it and I wanted to work more on it but it getting late and I do not want to fall into the pattern of working over the limits with the consequence of burning myself out.

This thing that I stop myself from working too much on the computer in the moment when I am excited and also taking a day off after working a lot lately is a sign of a change in me. And somehow it is good to see that I do not work over the limits and I do not try to do too many things at the same time but still there is a point when I am not consistent and regular with those activities that are important to me. For example today I did not do any exercises. I will do meditation but now it is late and i prefer to do it earlier in the evening when I am not tired yet.

Then there is the point with the sleep. I would like to sleep less. But I lately I cannot get myself to get up with the alarm clock. Very often I do not hear it. And this point with sleeping too much messes up with my day.

So how do I get around this point ?

I do not know yet. But it is one of my top priorities.


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