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I am catching up with posting online my articles.

That was a very intensive day at work. But I managed my energy very well and I did really good job today. It is still relatively early and I feel ok. But I know that I can crash anytime. That is why I do not waste time on other things and I write this article so that I may be free from this responsibility. I would like to do the meditation and breathing exercises to recharge my energies.

I had some points of realisation coming through. Thus I start to see more clearly how everything and everybody in my life is reflection of how I think, how I believe etc. And when I decide to change then all around me must also change. Thus the things around me and people around me will also change or leave. Something like this. And if I want to change then I have to stop doing the things and thinking the thoughts that keep everything around me.

So here comes the analogy that was said by Jesus about building the castle on the sand. I understand that the sand means the beliefs, ideas and concepts that do not reflect higher values. For example I might want to be liked and so I will do everything possible to be the nice guy. Not that I will be able to please everybody ( although I might be able to see it in that moment ) but this will be creating my life and attracting people to me whom I will try to please and be liked by them.

Now... once I realise that pleasing everybody else is not possible and then it hurts me then I might want to change it. But that means I have to remove this belief which is one of foundation pillars in castle and it may cause the whole caste to fall down especially if I have more similar beliefs which support my castle.

So now realising this I want to build a castle on solid foundations. And what are the solid foundations ? Well... that is easy... high values, moral standards etc. One of the example is what is best for all.


Written: 2018 - November - 05   Published: 2019 - February - 16      © Copyright - Greg Wiater