Doctors need you to be sick to earn money

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

What happened today ? There was a little bit of work and there was time for my things. It was the way I like it. I do not have any realisations to share for today. Though what is worth to share is something which I was told by a friend of mine.

Thus she is also a therapist but she also works and has contact with many other therapists of natural medicine as well as doctors. And she told me that she met a lot of doctors and therapists who are not interested that their clients/patients get better because that would mean the loss of clients and profit for them. I asked her to repeat it twice because I thought that I misunderstood or missed something through the phone. But she confirmed and said that she could not believe it herself when she realised it. She came to this conclusion because she it selling and distributing a line of very good mineral supplements and vitamins which are very effective in helping people who are sick. And so many of the doctors and therapists with whom she works are using these products for themselves but they do not want to recommend it further to their patients for the reason that I mentioned it above. I am shocked but at the same time it does not surprise me.

Now... why do we have this type of dishonest therapists and doctors in our world ?

To answer it I will ask another question:

Do you think that people really want to get healed and be better ? Many people would say that the answer is obvious and they do want to get healed. But in my experience as a therapist this is not the case. Most of the people look for a quick fix and taking away uncomfortable symptoms but they do not want to get healed because that would require that they change and lose their comfort zone.

Thus because people do not want to get healed for real and in reality people have hidden interest in being sick, so all of these dishonest therapists in our world are just reflection it. So nobody can blame them for. All of us are responsible for it. This is our common creation. If we want to change it then we need to change ourselves.

I want to add here that this interest in being sick and having dishonest therapists will also manifest itself as judgement, prosecution and making it difficult for the honest therapists. Because in the end these honest therapists are the enemies of all these people who want to continue to be sick.


Written: 2018 - October - 29   Published: 2019 - February - 16      © Copyright - Greg Wiater