My life is full of love, joy and abundance

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Today I continued working with the publicity and updating my website related to the project. I have done a lot of work in the last couple of days. And I am very pleased with it at the same time I feel that this was a bit too much and now I need to have some rest from the computer.

Today I got myself to go to the gym. I was not so happy when I saw the resistance to do the exercises. It is normal after having break for a week or more. Anyway I also started to do the exercises at home and I now that within 2 days I will get stronger again and the laziness and resistance will disappear.

I also did a nice meditation. In general I see that I am coming out of the little depression and refocusing and stabilizing again. And the discipline is also coming back. So I need to continue with it.

What else ?

Hmm... today I had a visit of a friend who at some point wanted to do something with me related to the project. But then he dropped off and I thought that he is not interested anymore. But he went through his own process and today he appeared out of nowhere and gave me some clues that actually he might be part of the project. He is not a therapist but still he could important part in the project. We will see. It looks like there is some movement and people start to appear in my life showing their interest in the project. But of course they have to prove their dedication first before they get accepted.


Written: 2018 - October - 25   Published: 2019 - February - 16      © Copyright - Greg Wiater