Mind, hearth and the root

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Today I was not in top form. I tried to breathe deep but clearly my lungs were overworked. Last night I tried to force the focus on my breathe through very slow and deep breathing and this made my lungs tired and over worked today. I tried to do the awareness of breath exercise with the game but I could only breathe shallow to medium. But still the focus was not there.

Apart from this I noticed last night that being so long in front of the computer gives me uncomfortable feeling in my tummy. This could related to the electro radiation from the electronic devices ( monitors, computer etc. ). The deep breathing ease the symptoms but still after many hours the symptoms are more visible. I had this in the past when was working on my projects ( website, publicity etc. ) and now I understand better why I was out of balance within my being when I worked so long with the computer. And so this is also the reason why I was not in the top form today.

It is also worth to mention that I had a lot of work with the clients today and I see that there was also some energy influence on me. But then I also made an interesting and important realisation which came with the help of my client. Thus he said that he likes that the therapists gets more involved into the treatment. He used the words: "I want the therapists does not work on me but rather together with me". I did not know how I could apply it into my practice. But then quickly I realised that the best will be that I do what I am good at. And in my case that is breathing and being aware of it during the massage. And so I started to pay attention to my breath and feel my body. And there was a tension in my tummy. But it did not want to go away. So I started to talk with my client and ask questions. And eventually this helped to get this tension away. I just felt the tension of my client. But still this point with working with rather than on my clients is something important in my process and I will look more into it.

Now I finish with the computer and I do my meditation because I want to get my balance again and get back the sweetness in my body.


Written: 2018 - August - 24   Published: 2019 - February - 15      © Copyright - Greg Wiater