I do not know what to write

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Last night I made a simple mistake. I cannot say that I was really tired. But it was all about the habit of going to bed at night. And I did not know what to do with myself. So I decided that I would lie in bed and do my mental exercises. I kept awake for at least 30 min but eventually I fell asleep.

Never mind. There is something else that is coming up to the surface. I woke up fresh and more rested than I normally do. I did not get out of bed immediately and I was dong my mental exercises. I fell asleep while doing it and so I should rather avoid it. Anyway when I was doing my meditation I noticed that I might be overworking my brain like I did 2 or 3 days ago. Thus I did something different. Thus I relaxed my brain while I was doing my exercises. This is a little challenge for me but I did this thing with brain relaxing in the past so I was getting somewhere. Thus I was keeping the focus while relaxing my brain. And I felt that there is something different as if I was accessing different parts of the brain. This could be compared to somebody doing new sport or something and in the beginning they use wrong muscles and wrong technique and they get tired more than those who have experience. So I guess I am getting more effective in using my brain in different way. I reduce the amount of thoughts in my mind and I focus on my objective.

So what is the plan for tonight. I will do my meditation now and later I will decide if I want to go to sleep. In any case if I do not decide to go to sleep I will not lie down in bed out of habit. I want to push myself to the point where I am left with myself without distractions in my mind - tv, computer or doing other things. I want to see how I cope with myself. And then I want to see what is going to happen when I eliminate the distractions and I keep focus on my goals. Theoretically I should reach a moment when the focus and energy will reach critical point and something should manifest as a result of it.


Written: 2018 - August - 05   Published: 2019 - February - 15      © Copyright - Greg Wiater