I do not know what to write

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Today I have an easy and relaxing day spending some time at home, going for a walk and visiting my friends. I slept long but altogether I feel good in my body today. This is primarily related to the point that my body recovered from sport related muscle pains.

Still looking at the point of how to provide more energy for my body and make it less dependent on food. But it looks like my breathing exercises are not enough. I am not doing it right or not enough.

During this holiday I live a very interesting moments in my life when I do not really worry about money. Here I am visiting my family and a lot of things ( accommodation, food ) are for free and I have enough money for other things. Apart from this I have time for doing my things. I have no stress related to rushing to my appointments, doing things etc. Now I write my article in the afternoon and there will be no stress related to writing article in the last moment of the night when I am really tired.

Would I like to live like this all the time ?

Yes... definitely. But this does not mean that I would be so lazy all the time. I know that I would be doing things, projects, hobbies etc. The main difference is that now I have no financial pressure. I do not have to dedicate big part of my resources ( energy, time ) towards work and securing financial stability. And I wish that everybody could have this in their lives. I also wish it for myself to have it more in my life.


Written: 2018 - July - 09   Published: 2019 - February - 15      © Copyright - Greg Wiater