Feel the music and dance

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

My come back to the world of dance is rather intensive one. I am on holidays but I decided to take part in the dance festival which is here were I am staying. It is 3 nights and 2 days intensive dance workshop with dance parties. I am so pleased that I did it. In the beginning I was a bit shaky as I have not been dancing for a while now but with the time I started to gain my confidence. But what is most important so far is that I have learned something new and extremely important.

To explain this I should make an analogy to the film "Karate Kid". There one scene when the young boy wants to learn Karate and he comes excited to the house of the master. He thinks that he would learn it fast and that after the first class he would know some clever self-defence tricks and some powerful shots to hit his enemies. To his surprise the master asks him on the first lesson to polish his car with the wax - wax on... wax off. Obviously the youngster is very disappointed but eventually he does what the master asks him to do.

Anyway what does it have to do with my dance ?

Well... today I have been told by one of the teachers that we need to stop insisting on learning new moves and steps and instead we need to feel the music and then dance with this feeling. Of course the dance moves and techniques are important but without this feel and oneness with the music it means literally nothing. After explanation this teacher put some different music and asked as to dance according to what we feel. I quickly realised the importance to it. I even said to my dance partner that I wished that I was shown and told this in my first class. This realisation today came quickly but in the end it took me many years to grasp it in this short moment. So I did not do my first lesson with "wax on and wax off" and in the end wasted a lot of time on trying to learn some techniques without the feel for the music.

But still I am so pleased that eventually I came to this realisation today. Now comes the time for me to play and experiment with it on the dance floor.


Written: 2018 - June - 30   Published: 2019 - February - 15      © Copyright - Greg Wiater