Training and the muscle pains

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Today I had another day off. I ended up sleeping a lot during the day. But I managed to go to the gym and I did some dance practice.

There is an interesting point that want to investigate. Thus I cannot understand why people train at the gym and do other sports but still their bodies are not in the shape that they would like to have. I look at the people in the gym and I do not see that they are making any significant progress. And this includes myself. Not that I am complaining about the shape of my body but still I have not reached the optimum that I would like to have. And I have been training at the gym for years.

I tried different techniques and I experimented with my own things but still I did not reach the optimum. And the worst thing is that after heavy training I have muscle pains for 1-2 days. Yesterday I saw a guy at the gym who was pushing really heavy weights and I asked him about the muscle pains after such a heavy training. He told me that he has aches for about 4-5 days. His muscles are better developed and toned than other guys who do not take any drugs, steroids etc. but still according to my standards this is not the optimum that I would like to have. And then this point with the pain for so many days is for me questionable.

Right now I decided to investigate the point when I could train but avoid the muscle pains the next day. Thus I use less weights that I used to do normally and I stop at the point when my muscles start to ache. Normally I would do 8-10 repetitions but now I will only as much as the muscle is able to do without the ache. And I would say that this would prevent the muscle pains the next day.

In terms of the body shape, muscle size and the fat content I need to investigate this topic further. And I will need to look at the point of nutrition but the main point lies most probably in the mind.


Written: 2018 - June - 20   Published: 2018 - June - 25      © Copyright - Greg Wiater